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About Us

Average EPDs and National Rankings
  Towner Farm Spring
2008 Calves
Breed Avg.
2007 Calves
Towner Farm
EPD Rankings
Birth Wt. 4.2 3.5 Top 65%
Weaning Wt. 55 41 Top 5%
Yearling Wt. 88 68 Top 10%
Milk 19 16 Top 30%
Milk & Growth 47 37 Top 10%
Scrotal Circ. 0.9 0.6 Top 15%
Ribeye Area 0.39 0.17 Top 15%
Baldy Index 19 15 Top 15%
CHB Index 25 18 Top 5%

Towner Farm has been in the Polled Hereford business for four generations. Our goal is to always move forward with our genetics allowing our cattle to be profitable for us as well as for our customers. Our past generations of documented cattle are used as a guide to make improvements for the next generation. Using EPDs, Ultra Sound, DNA Testing and visual inspection to identify and breed cattle with natural muscle shape and thickness, correct structure, moderate birth weights and good milking ability with sound udders. Artificial insemination and embryo transfer is used to accelerate this process and to help us reach our goals. The cattle that meet these criteria are marketed nationally through private treaty sales and select seed stock sales. We offer both registered and commercial Polled Hereford genetics that can improve on any type of breeding program. This allows our customers as well as Towner Farm to moving forward and make improvements for the future.

“Always moving forward, using the past as our guide, making improvements for the future.”